eSAX Podcast featuring Shannon Ferguson and Kris McCarthy from Fansaves

Shannon Ferguson and Kris McCarthy from Fansaves call in to the eSAX studio where they talk with Jarrod about Fansaves – their latest venture!

FanSaves is a mobile couponing app that features discounts and deals from sponsors and affiliates brands of organizations, teams, events, chambers, influencers and more!

It’s a digital coupon book that you can access for free!

ABOUT Shannon Ferguson: Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) 2020 Fellow | Top 100 Finalist Startup of the Year 2018 & 2019 | RC100 2019 Winner | 1st Place Get in the Ring Ottawa 2019 | 1st Place CIC Pitchfest 2018 | 2nd Place SaaS North 2018.

It was our journey in the sports industry that gave us our light bulb moment to create FanSaves and getting to help so many different teams and organizations has been a dream come true.

Shannon’s passion for sponsorship sales and marketing is paired equally with her love of writing, design and content creation. Her background in digital marketing has helped propel FanSaves forward quickly as we grow across North America and her public speaking skills have allowed her to pitch our startup on stages across the world and to important investors.

Her other love is journalism and being a television host allowed her to meet so many amazing people and learn about their stories. While she is currently focusing all her efforts on growing her startup, she hopes to one day have the chance to be in front of the camera again.

Also on my To Do List: Write a book. 

ABOUT Kris McCarthy: Top 100 Finalist Startup of the Year 2018 & 2019 | RC100 2019 Winner | 1st Place Get in the Ring Ottawa 2019 | 1st Place CIC Pitchfest 2018 | 2nd Place SaaS North 2018 | Young Entrepreneurs & Professionals Council Member 2020 (Ottawa Board of Trade)

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eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience – is an entrepreneur networking community for small business. #eSAX Makes Networking Work!

eSAX was founded by entrepreneur and musician Jarrod Goldsmith of Sax Appeal Productions Ottawa.

This podcast was produced by Barking Monkey Studio

eSAX Podcast featuring Tony Snippe of Media Mall Marketing

Jarrod is joined in the studio by Tony Snippe – Co Founder of Media Mall. They talk about how Media Mall got started and more!

From 2005 to 2015, Tony worked as the owner of a small but constantly evolving advertising agency. He had the opportunity to meet many new people, forge bonds, create new roads, burn a few bridges and learn a great deal.

Over the last 3 years, he’s changed his focus to a new project that he believe has the potential to change the way people perceive the media production industry. We are a society that has become more aware, more knowledgeable and more prepared to seek out information and solutions that work for us. We rightfully demand transparency in our lives because we are a little tired of ‘just the way it is’.

In my job, he get’s to help people take their imaginations and find ways to make them a reality. He helps many business, small and large, promote the product or service they have.

It’s time to look at business as a team player, to share ideas and skills; for the benefit of both client and supplier. The realization of Media Mall is possible because of the people we work with and we look forward to meeting you and speaking with you. Media Mall is unique, providing true transparency as well as unparalleled collaboration and cohesion for your project. Drop me a line, I’d love to book you for a tour! 


Media Mall re-imagines the traditional marketing agency model to create a fresh and dynamic creative collective that’s totally unique.

Located in Ottawa South, Media Mall is a group of creative production and marketing experts based in Ottawa working under one roof with THE collective goal of producing outstanding results. We’re not an agency, nor a traditional co-working space, but rather a combination of the two. We have the flexibility of independent companies, yet enjoy the cohesion of a single organization.

Each member is an established company that has decided to work together to create something new, something bigger, something that takes a team to forge.

Media Mall is a unique concept in marketing, where we have so far assembled  16 different companies in various areas of media, marketing, and promotional production under one roof to create the largest marketing production facility that we are aware of in Canada.

With over 12, 000 sq ft of space, we incorporate office space for each of our member companies, two state of the art boardrooms, a green screen video studio, a photography studio, a recording studio, and more into one facility where our clients are invited to meet with a representative from each company required for their project.

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eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience – is an entrepreneur networking community for small business. #eSAX Makes Networking Work!

eSAX was founded by entrepreneur and musician Jarrod Goldsmith of Sax Appeal Productions Ottawa.

This podcast was produced by Barking Monkey Studio

eSAX Podcast featuring Shawna Tregunna of Iversoft with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod is joined in the studio by Shawna Tregunna from Iversoft. They talk about mentors, entrepreneurship and more!

Shawna’s passions are strategy, speaking, marketing, technology, metrics and helping people build and grow businesses they can be proud of, that make a difference.

ABOUT Iversoft: Our team combines the best development, design, user experience (UX), marketing, and management so we can create the best possible solution for you.

Whether you need an app, a game, next-gen tech, marketing, or any combination, we are there to support you from concept and strategy, to design and development, to deployment and marketing.

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eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience – is an entrepreneur networking community for small business. #eSAX Makes Networking Work !

eSAX was founded by entrepreneur and musician Jarrod Goldsmith of Sax Appeal Productions Ottawa.

This podcast was produced by Barking Monkey Studio

eSAX Podcast featuring David Gourlay with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod Goldsmith is joined by David Gourlay on this eSAX podcast episode. David’s career is characterized by a passion for people, relationships and how these establish collaboration.

Starting a career in the Federal Public Service after working for three dedicated elected officials, David developed expertise on government operations and was proud to have influenced the outcomes for several policy and program projects that made a clear difference to Canadians.

In 2007, he joined the private sector to establish a foundation of learning in sales, business development and relationship management.

In June 2009, he received an Ottawa Business Journal 40 Under 40 annual award. In Sept 2014, he was named as a Top 25 in the Capital in Ottawa Life Magazine.

From 2011-4, he served as a Trustee on the Ottawa Public Library Board. In 2012, he began exploring the intersection between sport and community by founding the Ottawa Champions Baseball Club and served as inaugural President (2014-2018) and also co-founded the Miracle League of Ottawa, a fully accessible sport facility that provides children with special needs an inclusive space for fun and recreational engagement.

In November 2014, David Gourlay became a Member of the Order of Ottawa.

He currently serves on the Y’s Owl McClure Co-op Board and the Ottawa Sport Council Board and is currently designing plans for an Ottawa Sports Commission – a centralized voice for sport, recreation and leisure for our community. 

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eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience – is an entrepreneur networking community for small business. #eSAX Makes Networking Work !

eSAX was founded by entrepreneur and musician Jarrod Goldsmith of Sax Appeal Productions Ottawa.

This podcast was produced by Barking Monkey Studio

How Microsoft helps my Small Business

I have been using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for over a year now, and I love it. I would have to say that it is the best machine that I have ever owned.

I co-founded Collab Space, an Entrepreneurial Community Centre here in Ottawa Canada over a year ago, and my Pro 3 was with me the whole time, day in and day out, and it has kept up with everything that I have thrown at it.

For the past month, I have been running the Surface Pro 4 as my daily driver and work horse machine, and it hasn’t skipped a beat. The Surface takes the best qualities of a desktop, a laptop, and a tablet PC and smashes them together into one amazing machine.

Why does this matter?

As a small business owner, I am constantly on the go, and I need my machine to come with me.
I have a Surface dock in my home office, and a dock at work, both attached to a dual monitor setup to maximize my screen real estate. When I need to run into a meeting, I can just grab it and go. When I have to run home at the end of the day to put my daughter to bed, I don’t have to close what I am doing, I grab and go, and plug in at home to continue working. I can work from the couch, the kitchen table, the bus, in the truck between meetings, and never have to worry about not having what I need with me.

What complements the Surface, and is a pivotal part of how my small business operates, is Microsoft Office 365. I have several employees spread over two locations, and O365 allows me to manage everything so easily.  I can quickly spin up new employee accounts and add all of the permissions they require, and have them up running quickly. O365 is also great that it can all be operated via a web browser, so if an employee forgets their machine, or if something happens to it, it minimizes the downtime.

We have just started to play with Microsoft Teams, and are excited at the possibilities and options included.

I have been writing this post on the Surface, and ended up switching to Word on my Microsoft Lumia 950XL to finished it up. I love the ease of access to my information, and how it can adapt to my working life.

I would like to thank Christine Bays, Commercial Digital Community Manager, and Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX – The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience for providing me with access to the Surface Pro 4 for the month in order to review it, and the opportunity to let the Entrepreneurial community hear my story of how Microsoft assists me in running my business.

Blair Kilrea
Co-Founder – Collab Space

More Tips To Remember Names At Networking Events

Today our #AskTheFedora offers more tips for remembering names at networking events.


To me, one of the most challenging things about networking is trying to remember everybody’s name. Because I wear a very distinctive hat, pretty much anybody I have ever met will remember me (plus I always wear a name tag so they even know my name)! But when I meet hundreds of people in-between meeting them for the second time, it’s a tough balance trying to remember everyone’s name. What I like to do is try to remember something specific about that person. Maybe they have the same kind of car as I do, or they grew up in the same city as I did so that I’m able to connect with them.

Do you have a networking question you’d like to ask? Email info (at) or tweet your question using #eSAX!

Starring: Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX and Sax Appeal.

With help from Wasim from Storyline Productions and Jessica from Hewett Ripley Communications!

Network with Great Business Cards

eSAX-networking-ottawa-business-cards-blog-marcheSAX-networking-ottawa-business-cards-blog-march-jpgWhen you prepare for a networking event there is one essential that you can’t overlook: your business cards!

Your business card is as important as any other first impression at a networking event in Ottawa. Your card should represent your company in both design and copy. It is highly recommended to use a professional graphic designer to help you, as they have the skills and expertise to make something truly great. One of our favorites is a local Ottawa company called Sure Print & Graphics that we have been using for many years. However, there are many templates available on sites such as CanvaVistaprint, Moo, and even Staples, if you decide to go it alone.

Consider the following elements of a business card to help you work with your designer or templates to make something great!

  1. Decide on what information you will include. Remember that this is a contact card, not a brochure. At a minimum you should include your name and your business name, your email address and website, and a phone number if you have one. Also include your, address (if you have one for your business), title, and tagline.
  2. Consider whitespace. This is the “empty space” on your business card. Cards with ample whitespace are often seen as more professional, as they are more visually balanced and less cluttered.
  3. Typeface: There are certain fonts that go well together, and a general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t use more than two together in any collateral. Remember this rule if you have a logo with typeface in it, because that means you’re already starting with one font! Talk with your designer about the mood or feel you are going for in your business, and decide on fonts that best represent you.
  4. Paper stock: Do you choose Matte or glossy? I personally prefer glossy business cards, because they don’t stick together when you are trying to pull out one to hand to someone! Glossy is thought to look professional and to stand out, but they are hard to write on so you may consider a plain back so your contacts can take notes of your meeting. A popular trend now is spot gloss, as it is beginning to be more widely available. This lets you choose one area (such as your logo) to shine, while the rest stay matte. Also remember that premium stock is a thicker card, and helps portray a professional image.
  5. Add a promotion: At a networking event, people value business cards, but you can increase the value of your card by adding a special code for a discount or promotion. You could also ask them to fill out a survey to get entered in a chance to win in a draw, or maybe you are giving away a whitepaper if they visit your website. Any of these “extras” increase the chances that people will look twice at your card once they are home.
  6. Unique shapes and textures: An oddly shaped or textured card can be fun, and can help you stand out from the crowd, but be careful when deciding to do this. People may not be able to fit your round-shaped or wooden card in their filing system, and the may instead just decide to toss it out. This is a loss for of a valuable referral opportunity for you down the road.

Plus, it’s also very important to be organized with your business cards when attending networking events!

Whatever you decide, make sure you are proud of your business cards. If you are happy with them, then it will be easy for you to hand them out and stand behind them. Your business cards should be an extension of your business, make sure they help you appear your best!

Great Tips For Networking at a Booth

eSAX-Ottawa-Networking-Events-Booth-Sponsorship-Vendor-Tips-pngHave you thought about exhibiting at eSAX as a way to promote your products / services to 100’s of other businesses?

Having a booth is a great way to increase the likelihood of sales, but all of the principles of networking still apply. You are promoting your business, but you are also out there making valuable connections that may lead to sales or future referrals down the line. If you do decide to take the next step in networking, consider these tips for having a successful experience!

Set your goals ahead of time!

You can get a lot out of an event, but you have to have a good idea of what you want to get out of it. Do you want to collect 50 random business cards, or do you want to really talk to people and end up with 5 genuinely hot leads? Perhaps you want to make a sale that night, or set up a meeting that you are confident will turn into a sale. Or better yet, what if you were to meet the one individual who can change the direction of your business? Maybe you just want to impress some industry leaders and make strong connections with them? Whatever it may be, you should have some way of measurement so when you leave you can know you if experienced a successful event.

You could just decide you want to treat the event as a market research opportunity. Ask verbal questions, or get people to fill out a short survey to enter in your prize draw. You can use paper surveys as well as surveys on a tablet for entry into two separate draws! Ask attendees industry-specific information to give you an idea about the marketplace, or business-specific things to find out which logos, banners, website, or tagline they respond better to. There is a great value to this kind of access to your target market, so don’t waste it!

Promote the event as though it were your own!

This is a great time for you to reconnect with old customers or potential customers, as well as business partners or other associates. Don’t leave the marketing completely to the event management team and just hope that your old connections will learn about the event and feel compelled to go! Increase the chances of gaining more leads by helping to spread the word. Use your blog, newsletter, and social media to advertise your attendance at the event. Mention any on-site promotions, raffles, prize draws, or door prizes that you are giving away. Even better if you can run a giveaway for a free ticket to the event (that you either purchase yourself, or receive from the event manager, as they often give more than one free ticket to booth sponsors). Make sure to tell everyone to bring a friend! Also, keep an eye out for the other sponsors and vendors that may be promoting the event, and cross-promote with them to give your audience even more reason to attend. The more everyone helps to spread the word, the more it helps the event to be an even bigger success. But the true measure of success that you should be after is how it affects your bottom line, or how it can affect your bottom line in the future.  More people = more eyes on your business, so go out of your way to treat eSAX as if it’s your own event and spread the word.

Connect with fellow vendors and event hosts, as well as the event sponsors

Before the event, be sure to connect with all stakeholders on social media. That way, if you haven’t already met them in person, it will help make for an excellent conversation point when you actually do meet them at the event! Speaking of which, when you arrive @eSAX, make the rounds and meet everyone who is setting up for the event. It makes a good impression if you prepare a special goody bag or treat for them. It can be as simple as a candy bar with your logo sticker on it, or a little bag with your brochure, business card, a pen, and a cookie. Not only will you be making new connections, but you are also likely opening the door for them to refer attendees to you throughout the night, now that they know who you are and what you do. Not only that, but who knows what referrals they may send your way at a later time. It pays to connect with influencers!

Build Brand Awareness

It goes without saying that you should have complete branding – banners, table cloths, brochures, business cards, and even your clothing or fashion pieces. What more can you do to get attention and be remembered at an event? Check out this fun little video of eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith discussing what personal branding is all about!

Start by standing in front of your booth, smiling, and making eye contact. People usually feel comfortable approaching friendly-looking booth folks. Invite people to sign up for your door prize, take a snack or swag item, and ask them how they are enjoying the event. Remember that running a booth does not mean it’s time to become a salesman. It’s all about making the event attendees feel comfortable and at-ease, so ask questions and don’t just pitch your business.

Interactive displays are always a great way to get people to have more interest in your booth. If you have products, let people pick them up and try them out. If you are service-oriented, prepare a slideshow on a large monitor, or on a tablet that people can pick up and flip through. Conversation pieces are also great. Having a giant-sized mascot could be a great ways to encourage people to tweet or Instagram a picture and increase your business visibility! Make sure your handles and the event hashtag are somewhere handy. (p.s., #eSAX is awesome lol)

You can also get more people to your booth with food! Make sure that the event doesn’t require a food permit of some sort, and then plan on bringing chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, or other treats that will pull people in. Also remember that if you are giving away swag, it should be relevant to the event attendees. The more likely people are to use the item, the better you will be achieving brand awareness.

And don’t forget the follow-up!

Following-up with folks you meet at a networking event is essential to further the relationship that will eventually (…and hopefully) blossom. You never know where you (or they) will be in the future and how such long-term relationships can develop! Here’s a great video on why connecting with someone is almost as important as the initial meeting!

Connect on LinkedIn right away, and have a newsletter ready to go out the next day. Ask your newsletter subscribers to like your Facebook page, but also make sure this newsletter is knock-their-socks off great, chock full of valuable information that will impress them and ensure they want to stay connected with you to continue to receive such great tips and tricks to grow their business.


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