Your last #eSAX event was fantabulous! So far the best #virtualevent experience I’ve attended that had the feeling of what used to be a live event!

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
Thank you Jarrod, Jean-Paul, and the entire eSAX team! Our virtual Symposium was a smashing success today, thanks to your amazing platform! The entire program was seamless, the quality of the playback was perfect, and the networking platform had our members asking for more time! I am so glad our sister local in Oakland recommended you for our annual event. We will definitely be back! Congratulations to you as well – you all did an amazing job! I have been fielding positive comments on all our social platforms all day. You now have reviews from BOMA Idaho on your Google and FB sites. I can’t say enough good things about the platform. Your professionalism and humor really added so much to the entire experience. Thank you!”

“eSAX does a great job of bringing people together.”

“Excellent experience…excellent people!!”

“Based on this…the first eSAX event I’ve attended, eSAX gets high marks.”

“Thank you Jarrod for your talk at World Skills . Your perspective on networking was very helpful for me. Specifically your point that it is about building relationships, and therefore simply introducing oneself, listening to others, ask relevant questions, and see if and what one can offer to contribute to the work of others. Then that attitude and those deeds will speak for themselves and help achieve the goals that led to network in the first place. Finally I see how I can engage in networking of the kind you organize ; ))) Keep up the good work”


“I have attended three eSAX networking events in the past year and have made some excellent ongoing contacts. Each event is an opportunity to meet new entrepreneurs and to deepen relationships with those I’ve already met.”

“If you haven’t attended an eSAX event. Give it a go. You may just meet that connection you’ve been looking for. ”

“Excellent opportunity to learn, network and meet entrepreneurs. Jarrod and the organizing team did a great job. Great networking atmosphere and space.

“Great leadership from the panel and the sponsors. Jarrod, I know many appreciated your leadership and these combined efforts for entrepreneurs.”

“eSAX events offer business owners and entrepreneurs a great place to connect and have a good time in the process!”

“You have truly made my networking journey a much easier and more pleasant one. When I first started, I was so nervous walking into a room of strangers. I would stop and remember your advice from the information session you gave, take a deep breath and just go for it.”