Hosting fun, inclusive and interactive virtual events


Making virtual events an exciting and trouble-free experience from inception to completion.


To be the preeminent virtual event platform building relationships through networking

eSAX Virtual Events
(The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience)

is an entrepreneur networking community for small business hosting virtual events for others.

eSAX Virtual Events is an entrepreneur networking community for small business hosting virtual events for others on an interactive and inclusive (non-Zoom) platform with a specialization on corporate virtual conferences.

Our platform is easy to use, so even those with limited technological skills can operate and quickly understand.

One of the best features are smaller ‘breakout rooms’ that people can enter at THEIR discretion. Unlike Zoom, a moderator does not need to intervene, and the loudest person no longer dominates a conversation. eSAX Virtual Events is better for more diverse communications in smaller groups, so even shy or introverted people can engage.

There is nothing to download (unlike Zoom, Teams, WebEx).

We also offer engaging and completely customized floor plans to make for a better user experience. An entire floor plan can be created with branded colors, logos, overall design, numbers of seats per room, look of rooms etc.

As a background ‘stage manager’, and completely depending on a client’s unique needs, eSAX Virtual Events can moderate all aspects of a virtual event including preparation and coordination of the platform, onboarding details, personalized demos to speakers / staff / stakeholders / sponsors / guests, and tech support on the ‘day-of’ to help attendees experience an unbelievable event.

This virtual event platform is as close as one can get to a real face-to-face networking event, conference, classroom, workshop, career fair, awards celebration, presentation, holiday event or any other need to connect with people. Our ONLY role is to make sure your guests experience an exciting and trouble-free event from inception to completion.

Contact eSAX Virtual Events now and have your guests experience what a REAL interactive and fun virtual metaverse experience can be!

We’re honored to have received the Virtual Business of the Year Winner award!

Hosting virtual events has never been easier!

Request a demo to experience a better way to host virtual events for organizations, conferences, businesses, schools, meetings, fundraisers and associations to connect.

eSAX Founder

Jarriod Goldsmith

“As a small business entrepreneur, you must appreciate that the main purpose of networking is to build meaningful relationships”. – Jarrod Goldsmith

With that in mind, Jarrod created eSAX, an entrepreneur networking community and tradeshow for small business that brings-together the community.

Hosting the eSAX YouTube channel of >700 videos, Jarrod is a firm believer of giving-back to the community and helping others learn about entrepreneurship and networking skills.


Jarrod Goldsmith is a Canadian small business community builder, past archaeologist, sax playing and fedora-wearing communications professional. Besides being an accomplished musician and business owner, he ran a strong campaign for Ottawa City Council in the October 2018 municipal election. In 2024 he will hold the prestigious position as President of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa.

Jarrod is an extremely enthusiastic and dedicated communications professional. He is recognized not only as the region’s premiere champion for fostering a stronger startup and small business community, but has also embraced and become the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. As an active member of the Ottawa Board of Trade, and previously all regional Chambers of Commerce in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area, he is one of the region’s best known entrepreneurial networkers.

He sits on the Ottawa Board of Trade Small Business Council, Algonquin College Events Management Program Committee and can be found attending and speaking at events around the city rocking his signature black fedora and branded eSOX (…yes actual yellow and black socks with fedoras raising money for 3 charities)!

Jarrod founded eSAX Virtual Events; eXclusive eXperience, Ask The Fedora (http://eSAX.ca/ask-the-fedora), and is also a professional musician who founded Sax Appeal Ottawa, Canada’s Premier Saxophone Ensemble. As a music agent he regularly books professional musicians around the city. He hosts the Pivoted Success Podcast, eSAX Podcast series, Talk to the Fedora and has >700 videos on the eSAX YouTube channel on entrepreneurship, small business and networking knowledge so check it out!

Jarrod is regularly featured on television, video, audio and electronic segments, as well as having articles published in newspapers, magazines and on-line forums promoting and motivating the entrepreneur community. Jarrod is an in-demand speaker who offers inspiration (and practical) knowledge to help others achieve their dream of entrepreneurship.

He regularly hosts workshops and seminars for students, startups, small business and community groups on the value of developing lasting professional relationships through networking.

In September 2011, Jarrod was accepted into the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program (OSEB) and finally got his chance to make his entrepreneurial aspirations come true. Sax Appeal has been a great success for Jarrod, but it took a lot of hard work to literally create a market as an all-saxophone ensemble is not very common. In order to get gigs, he started attending networking events and hasn’t looked back. From becoming actively involved in all regional Chambers of Commerce, he quickly realized that most entrepreneurs did not realize what a great resource they are. Thus eSAX was created to bridge the gap between Chambers of Commerce and new business owners to help entrepreneurs learn what networking is really about!

Jarrod is available for consulting and speaking engagements.

Specialties: Virtual event hosting, networking, public speaking, leadership, saxophone playing, fedora wearing

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