Your virtual events made easy!

Our only role is to make sure your guests experience an exciting and trouble-free event from inception to completion.

Experience a better, more interactive and easy way to host virtual events of all kinds, such as virtual conferences, virtual business meetings, virtual office space, virtual school events, virtual fundraisers and any other need to remotely meet.

Virtual Meeting Features

  • Interact (and SEE) others in different breakout rooms
  • Connect with others in smaller groups (up to 16 people) at the attendees discretion
  • Engage through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc…even in DIFFERENT breakout rooms
  • Easily showcase sponsors, stakeholders, featured guests etc
  • Invite multiple speakers ‘on-stage’ to address all participants at the same time, including sharing video, PowerPoint etc
  • View closed captioning for videos and presenters
  • Share screens and a white board with others
  • Send messages to all participants, only those in your room, or privately
  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese (depending on browser setting)
  • And much more!

Request a demo to experience a better way to host virtual events for organizations, conferences, businesses, schools, meetings, fundraisers and associations to connect.

What you can expect

  • Live tech support

    We work with some of the most skilled staff who specialize in the platform. Everyone on the planet can relate to having camera or microphone issues at some point during a live event. This is exactly what we take care of! Nothing is as disruptive or leads to a negative virtual experience then when a guest has tech issues and they cannot talk to a real person in real time.

    Duties include assisting attendees with tech support and trouble shooting to help them maximize the experience. No matter how  technologically savvy your attendees are, we are confident they will become fully capable navigating the platform. Whatever the size of your event is, we can accommodate as many live tech support staff as needed. We’ve got you covered!

  • Event creation

    Have your own subscription to the platform? Perfect! eSAX works with you to completely set-up your event according to your unique specifications (graphics, table names, helping you decide on a floor plan etc). We create and customize the event, paying attention to all the little behind the scenes details that contribute to hosting a successful event, then provide you the link to start collecting registration.

  • Complete event coordination

    This is our specialty! We literally take care of your entire virtual event from start to finish! It really is that easy. All you need to do is provide event details, promote registration, and relax knowing that your special event will go smoothly. As we like to say, this option leaves you as the event organizer feeling relaxed and able to focus on other tasks.

    As a background ‘stage manager’, and completely depending on your unique needs, eSAX can moderate all aspects of your event including preparation and coordination of the platform, onboarding details, personalized demos to speakers / staff / stakeholders / sponsors / guests, and tech support on the ‘day-of’ to help make all attendees experience a great event.

    Includes complete event coordination such as managing presentation and networking/lobby mode, sharing videos/presentations, inviting speakers on-off stage, announcements, answering questions on functionality leading up to the event etc. It’s true when we hear clients say they literally put their feet ‘up’ and leave all the heavy lifting to us.

  • Training

    Have your own subscription to the platform? All good! We also provide training to your team, answer any questions and suggest best practices on how to leverage the platform so you can be comfortable hosting your own events.

Ideal virtual solution

This is changing how people remotely connect from a meeting of 2 people, to events of 1000 or more. This is the ideal virtual solution for event planners in any industry that will make your next event an exceptional experience! Our only role is to make sure your guests experience an exciting and trouble-free event from inception to completion.

If you have questions or would like a private demo, just Contact Us

eSAX Virtual Events

The eSAX virtual event platform is as close as you can get to a real face-to-face networking event, conference, classroom, workshop, awards celebration, presentation, holiday event or any other need to connect with people.

Using an interactive and inclusive (non-Zoom) platform with a specialization in virtual conferences we will make your attendees actually have fun and engaging virtual event experiences!

Our platform is easy to use, so even those with limited technological skills can operate and quickly understand.

One of the best features are smaller ‘breakout rooms’ that people can enter at THEIR discretion. Unlike Zoom, a moderator does not need to intervene, and the loudest person no longer dominates a conversation. eSAX Virtual Events is better for more diverse communications in smaller groups, so even shy or introverted people can engage.

There is nothing to download (unlike Zoom, Teams, WebEx).

We also offer engaging and completely customized floor plans to make for a better user experience. An entire floor plan can be created with branded colors, logos, overall design, numbers of seats per room, look of rooms etc.

Contact eSAX Virtual Events now and have your guests experience what a REAL interactive and fun virtual metaverse experience can be!