eSAX Podcast featuring Tony Snippe of Media Mall Marketing

Jarrod is joined in the studio by Tony Snippe – Co Founder of Media Mall. They talk about how Media Mall got started and more!

From 2005 to 2015, Tony worked as the owner of a small but constantly evolving advertising agency. He had the opportunity to meet many new people, forge bonds, create new roads, burn a few bridges and learn a great deal.

Over the last 3 years, he’s changed his focus to a new project that he believe has the potential to change the way people perceive the media production industry. We are a society that has become more aware, more knowledgeable and more prepared to seek out information and solutions that work for us. We rightfully demand transparency in our lives because we are a little tired of ‘just the way it is’.

In my job, he get’s to help people take their imaginations and find ways to make them a reality. He helps many business, small and large, promote the product or service they have.

It’s time to look at business as a team player, to share ideas and skills; for the benefit of both client and supplier. The realization of Media Mall is possible because of the people we work with and we look forward to meeting you and speaking with you. Media Mall is unique, providing true transparency as well as unparalleled collaboration and cohesion for your project. Drop me a line, I’d love to book you for a tour! 


Media Mall re-imagines the traditional marketing agency model to create a fresh and dynamic creative collective that’s totally unique.

Located in Ottawa South, Media Mall is a group of creative production and marketing experts based in Ottawa working under one roof with THE collective goal of producing outstanding results. We’re not an agency, nor a traditional co-working space, but rather a combination of the two. We have the flexibility of independent companies, yet enjoy the cohesion of a single organization.

Each member is an established company that has decided to work together to create something new, something bigger, something that takes a team to forge.

Media Mall is a unique concept in marketing, where we have so far assembled  16 different companies in various areas of media, marketing, and promotional production under one roof to create the largest marketing production facility that we are aware of in Canada.

With over 12, 000 sq ft of space, we incorporate office space for each of our member companies, two state of the art boardrooms, a green screen video studio, a photography studio, a recording studio, and more into one facility where our clients are invited to meet with a representative from each company required for their project.

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