eSAX podcast featuring Riaz Sidi of with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod Goldsmith is joined by Riaz Sidi on this episode of the eSAX Podcast. Riaz Sidi is the owner of Riaz Sidi Performance Marketing.

ABOUT RIaz Sidi:

With 10+ years as an accomplished, bold, and dynamic sales and marketing leader, Riaz has trained 500+ advertising professionals in 30 cities across Canada to sell online advertising to grow businesses.

He drives results for entrepreneurs, business owners, sales executives, and marketers; building out performance-based digital sales and marketing strategies.

Despite his extensive leadership experience, he prides himself on rolling up his sleeves and getting in the trenches having made:

• tens of thousands of cold calls;
• serving millions of digital marketing impressions;
• and facilitating hundreds of successful sales and marketing workshops across Canada.

His greatest accomplishment is his ability to balance technical prowess with client-facing personality.

Having conducted thousands of marketing needs assessments and sales presentations, he treats every business and every single marketing dollar with the greatest of respect to generate return on investment and to significantly grow your business using modern strategies and tactics.

He will help your business to generate sales and new revenue channels through progressive sales and marketing in 3 specific ways based on your needs:

1.) Teach

Develop and facilitate experiential learning workshops designed to engage, invigorate and educate your sales force and take their marketing skills to the next level.

2.) Manage

Media Buying, Marketing Strategy, Sales Vision & Philosophy Generation, Sales Infrastructure Transformation, Call Centre Consulting, Consumer Journey Management, Funnel & Growth Hacking Strategies.

3.) Drive

Launch and execute cutting-edge marketing campaigns to generate tangible leads using proven integrated digital marketing formulas.

What are your current sales and marketing challenges? And how are these challenges effecting your top and bottom lines?


Welcome to! We are a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in demand generation strategy and execution primarily for companies in the B2B technology, arts & entertainment and healthcare industries.
We pride ourselves in being different. We’re an agile, turnkey team, who is lean and nimble enough to be able to join any incorporated marketing team or to act as your marketing department.

Our philosophy is to respect the traditional AIDA marketing funnel. This means we focus on tactics that help to generate awareness, spark interest, build desire, and motivate action.

When you work with us, you’ll quickly realize we aren’t your average agency working separate from your business. We like to get personal with our clients, we want our clients to understand that they can consider us a branch of their company.

In the agency world, its a lot of “us vs. them” or “us and them.” We want to take that sentiment and bury it for good. At, we are all about “the team”. We work together, we want what is best for you and your clients – and we know that when we don’t work together, it is nearly impossible to be aligned.

Our humble boutique agency is centered in Ottawa, Ontario – servicing companies across North America. Our team of specialists are responsive, resourceful, and results-oriented.

We create demand for your services using inbound marketing strategies including: content marketing, digital marketing including SEM, SEO, social media posting and marketing, webinar hosting and moderation, and email marketing, among a myriad of other customized tactics. Our interdisciplinary team works to ensure each and every campaign supports you – our partner – in every possible way.

Whether you need help building a better social strategy, a better online presence, or a need for sales support and growth, is your one-stop shop for digital marketing in this constantly evolving digital landscape.

Get in touch to setup a needs assessment meeting where we can learn all about your business and discuss how we can help.

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