eSAX podcast featuring Linda Babulic of Zest Your Life with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod is joined by Linda Babulic as they chat about how and why asking great questions at networking events will help others get the best value.

Linda Babulic is a personal business strategist, speaker, and the Author of the Amazon #1 best Seller; ZEST Your Life – A Taste Of Inner Wisdom.

ABOUT Linda Babulic:

Linda is on a mission to help you – the business professional who wants to learn exactly how to reach your goals every single time so you never have to fall short again and be left wondering IF YOU’LL EVER GET AHEAD.

The problem of not knowing exactly what to do, not having a plan, not being clear on what you want to be, have and do — it’s nerve racking. The struggle with putting together a solid plan and following it is tough to do alone. She has developed a system that takes away the guesswork and wasted time.

ZEST: enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness, zeal, passion, love, enjoyment, joy, delight, excitement, vigor, liveliness, sparkle, fire, vitality, dynamism, energy, pep, spirit, exuberance, high spirits, zip, oomph, vim, pizzazz, get-up-and-go.

What would your business and your life look like when it has ZEST? ZEST is the difference that will bring you and your business to be a cut above the rest.

Are you a business professional or just curious about what it would be like To Go From overworking, over-stressing, trying to get ahead, spending nights and weekends away from your friends and family To taking big vacations, working from home, and sleeping like a baby? Get in touch with Linda today!

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