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Ask the Fedora: How To Approach A Celebrity and/or An Influential Person At A Networking Event

This week on Ask the Fedora: How To Approach A Celebrity and/or An Influential Person At A Networking Event


When you go networking events, it’s almost a guarantee that at some point you may run-into some influential people. If, for example, the City Mayor is present and you wish to have a little chat about some city interests, it’s a good idea for you to at least have something to talk about. If you know that person is going to be attending, do a little background research in advance. Find some information about the person so that the two of you can relate so you’ll have at least a starting point to talk about things. As an example, I had the chance to chat with Arlene Dickenson from the Dragon’s Den not too long ago at an event. The first thing I said was ‘thank you so much for coming to Ottawa! Do you ever spend much time here?” We then proceeded to have a very nice short conversation about Ottawa. These were not ‘work-related’ questions. I was trying to at least begin an initial relationship. Plus, she knew that I was not trying to sell her anything….(which would have been an immediate ‘turn-off’). Try to ask general questions to get to know the person, rather than how can they help your business right now. Happy networking everybody. See you at the next event. Because #eSAX makes networking work

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