Jarrod is joined in the studio with Michael Lifshitz, stand-up comic and founder of Illumabilities. They talk about some of his challenges growing-up with disabilities and how he helps others overcome their own..

ABOUT Michael Lifshitz

Michael was born with a condition called Multiple Congenital Musculoskeletal Abnormalities. In addition to wearing an artificial leg, he walks with a cane and uses a wheelchair for longer distances. Contrary to what many would believe possible, he became a chartered public accountant and also obtained a MBA from Edinburgh Business School. He has built and sold successful accounting and financial planning practices.

Today, in addition to continuing a successful career in finance and accounting as CFO and co-founder of Breakaway Experiences, a gift experience company, he uses speaking, comedy and writing to not only educate people as to what people with disabilities can do, but to also inspire them to overcome their own challenges and live their life to the fullest of their abilities.

ABOUT Illumabilities

Dedicated to enabling and inspiring people to live their lives to the fullest of their abilities. Founder Michael Lifshitz shares his experiences growing up with a disability to sensitize people to people with disabilities and encourage others, whether they have a disability or not, to live life to the fullest of their abilities. The reality is we all face challenges….MIchael’s just get his better parking spots.

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