How To Connect With Speakers At Networking Events

Do you go to a networking event, excited to see the speakers but without the knowledge of how to capture their attention before or after their presentation? In this #AskTheFedora, Jarrod discusses how to do just that!


How do you connect with a speaker at a networking event? For the most part, speakers at networking events are very well known in their field or around the region and it makes sense that you would like to connect with them because you may be in a position to help their business, or they may be able to help yours. Show up early at a networking event because some of the best networking happens before the event actually starts. You’ll have a chance to chat, mostly informally, with the organizers of the event and speakers (because speakers always show up early to make sure all the technical stuff is right). Stay later at the event because some of the other best parts of networking happen after the event is finished. There may be hundreds of people lined-up to talk to the speaker immediately after their presentation, so go early and stay late and maybe you’ll have the chance to chat with them!

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