eSAX Podcast featuring Catherine Fair of Rhapsody Strategies

On this episode Jarrod is joined by Catherine Fair, Business Coach with Rhapsody Strategies. Jarrod and Catherine discuss the importance of being clear, being organized and the common traits among successful entrepreneurs. 

ABOUT Catherine Fair: Have you ever thought you were meant for more? Does the idea haunt you?

After having worked with business owners for years, Catherine is very aware of the amazing potential they have. Unfortunately, more often than not, a business owner is bogged down in the day-to-day operations of their business and in the seemingly constant need to be “putting out fires”​. What if you as a business owner, had a clear vision of where your business was going, not just in the next 3 days but the next 3 years (or even 10 years)? What if you had a team that supported that vision? What if you had solid directives to accomplish the sales, production or customer service needed to take you to that vision? How much happier and more successful could you be? THAT is what business coaching can do for you!

If you want to see if business coaching is a fit for you, drop her a line via email and let’s get together for a coffee to chat. She would be happy to help you understand just how impactful business coaching can be for you.

Business owners rock!

Specialties: Business Coaching, Behavioural Assessments, Hiring process, Sales, Client Management, Facilitation, Training, Networking, Relationship Building.

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