Ask The Fedora: Why You Should Love Your Business Cards

You want to be absolutely confident about your business, and part of that means being confident when you hand out your business cards. If don’t feel ready, don’t give them out. Jarrod explains more in this week’s #AskTheFedora!


Congratulations on finally getting your business cards in the mail! NOW we’re ready to start networking. If you really love your business cards, you’re going to really love giving them out to people. If there are still a couple of tweaks you need to do to your business card I would say don’t give them out yet. For the first four versions of my business card I wasn’t so happy with them. When someone would ask for one, I always felt a bit shy which was not a very good first impression. I actually stopped giving business cards for a while until I had my fifth order of business cards. At that point I was so happy to promote my business because I absolutely loved the cards. When you’re creating your business cards, make sure they are perfect and then it will be a much easier opportunity to get your business known around town because of your awesome business cards. Happy networking everybody. See you at the next event. Because #eSAX makes networking work

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Starring: Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX and Sax Appeal.

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