Surface Pro 4 Simplified My Business!

I remember the days when I used to use a desktop to do everything. Back when I had one location, things were simpler. As a public speaker and owner of three Pita Pit locations (and growing!) I needed something to be with me all the time that I could open up in a split second and dive into work. And it had to be lightweight and portable enough to take between stores, and across the country when needed. That’s where the Surface Pro 3 became a lifesaver. Other laptops I had used were heavy, bulky and just not feasible for me to carry around every day, so when I switched to the Surface Pro 3 in 2015 I was amazed at the difference. It still had the same capabilities as my other computers, but packed into a compact, lightweight workhorse. Whether I’m reviewing documents for my team, crunching financials or writing my next keynote – the Surface Pro has got my back.

The tablet functionality was another great feature so I could walk around my stores taking inventory and placing product orders without running back to the office or trying to unsuccessfully balance a laptop on one hand while typing with another. The touchscreen pen as well made it very easy for those situations where it was more practical to write than type. Notetaking became a breeze and being able to draw different ideas and sketch out new store designs became an irreplaceable feature for me.

It’s not only the surface pro that has become a key part of my business, Microsoft Office 365 is the glue that also holds my organization together. The office suite and Onedrive keep my team working in perfect collaboration from wherever they might be. When you have a team that’s spread out but still need to work together, I can tell you that this works extremely well for us.

For the last month I’ve upgraded to the Surface Pro 4 and I have to say that all the same reasons I came to love the Surface Pro 3 are still true, and then some. It’s faster, it’s lighter, the resolution is better and the surface pen functions even better. To me, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re on the go and you’re looking for the punch of a desktop in the size of a tablet, the surface pro 4 is what you need.

I would like to thank Christine Bays, Commercial Digital Community Manager, and Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX – The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience for providing me with access to the Surface Pro 4 for the month in order to review it, and the opportunity to let the Entrepreneurial community hear my story of how Microsoft assists me in running my business.


Andrew Scott
Pita Pit Franchise Owner

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