Ask the Fedora: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch Using Enthusiasm

This week on Ask the Fedora: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch Using Enthusiasm


All entrepreneurs know about the thirty second elevator pitch. What is it? When you’re starting-out a business, you need to know what you do. If you’re not comfortable talking about it yet, write it out. Start going to events and start practicing it! You’ll be amazed at how much of what you say about your business will change over the next six month or a year. As an example, when Jarrod Goldsmith started Sax Appeal back in 2011, he began by writing-out everything he wanted to say. “Made-up of only saxophone players, Sax Appeal plays live jazz music, classical music and Christmas music around Ottawa for weddings, festivals and other events” It read like a sale’s-pitch and sounded terrible. I’m sure people didn’t want to connect with me because all I was doing was initially reading-off a script. When I started changing the way I presented Sax Appeal, people really started to take notice. I would be much more engaging, mentioning that we play all styles of music, and also started asking people if they’ve ever heard of a saxophone quartet, or even if they’ve played music themselves. Enthusiasm is always very important. Secondly, the more you talk about the business the easier it will become. No one knows your business as much as you do. When you’re enthusiastic and passionate about your startup, throw away the 30 second pitch and just do it. Connect with people in a way that doesn’t come across as a sales pitch. Easier said than done, but the beauty is that you can go out and practice since there must be many entrepreneur networking events in your area. Happy networking everybody. See you at the next event. Because #eSAX makes networking work

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Starring: Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX and Sax Appeal.

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