eSAX Podcast

eSAX, in collaboration with Podcast Wagon, is pleased to introduce our Podcast Series!

Hosted by eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith, this is an excellent opportunity to gain insight, knowledge and wisdom from respected entrepreneurs and community leaders in an informal one-on-one interview format, as well as learn relevant content that will help make your networking endeavors not only less stressful, but successful!

Guests will share personal stories of success, failure and lessons they have learned in entrepreneurship, networking and business. These entrepreneurs will inspire and motivate you to take your business to the next level.

Check it out here!

An eSAX interview exclusive with Jim Harris, Canadian author, environmentalist, and politician who is one of North America’s foremost management consultants, public speakers, authors and thinkers on change and leadership

Jarrod talks about how persistence is essential for startup entrepreneurs!

Jarrod is joined by Piotr Rauchfleisch from MediaMall, to talk about how his business was born from a want to skip the middle-man and provide clients with a truly inclusive service

Three truths of entrepreneurship with Jarrod Goldsmith

Karen Bosse from Echo Audiology talks to Jarrod about how starting her business and clinic felt very natural. She threw herself in and never looked backed!

Why it’s so important to make friends at entrepreneur networking events

Jarrod is joined by Sam Laprade from Gryphon Fundraising to talk about her entrepreneurial journey, the importance of building trust, rapport, and stewardship to maintain and build relationships

Networking is all about relationship building!

Starting a business? Pay it forward! 

Tips for entrepreneurs who are starting a business on a limited budget

Should you network even if your business has not launched yet?

Are you an entrepreneur who attends networking events? This is why you should love your business cards!

Should you attend networking events without business cards?

How to find local entrepreneur networking events

If you hate networking and going to entrepreneur networking events, listen to this

Tips on how to follow up after a networking event with Jarrod Goldsmith

What business cards say about your business!

Is it rude to interrupt people at networking events?

Networking mistakes to AVOID

How to follow-up with people after a networking event

How to connect with speakers at networking events

Linda Babulic on entrepreneur lessons

Networking skills can be learned. Don’t worry!

The REAL purpose of networking!

The art of giving referrals

Why enthusiasm matters at entrepreneur networking events

More tips to remember names when networking

Dan Matthew of DMP Photography on entrepreneur lessons

It’s okay to be nervous at networking events

Networking is a long term goal

Pamela Eastwood on entrepreneur lessons

How to interpret body language at networking events 

Good questions to ask when networking

SMART networking

What’s the purpose of a business card?

Your networking survival kit

Matthew Britt of Switch Energy

Tips to remember names at entrepreneur networking events

How to stay motivated

Ask the Fedora is an excellent YouTube video series about networking

Telling a story

Finding a networking group that works for YOU!

Networking Mind Frame

Networking For Introverts

Under The Fedora – What’s-up with Jarrod’s signature brand?

Research The Event

Michael Curran of the Ottawa Business Journal

Victoria Lennox of Startup Canada

Dylan Black of Daytime Ottawa and Boom 99.7 FM

Peter Stewart of Rhapsody Strategies

Riaz Sidi of Performance Marketing

Nicole Darechuk of Terradare

Denis Brisson of BNI

Norman Bowley of Purposeful

Stacey Pryde of Meridian Credit Union

Pierrette Raymond of Women Living Fully and 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Steve Cody of Ruckify

Greg Weatherdon of MRG Media

Marc André Clement

Blair Kilrea of Collabspace

Behind The #eSAX Fedora with Jarrod Goldsmith

Using Social Media When Networking

Treat People As friends When Networking

Share Your Passion When Networking

Networking Expectations via #eSAX

Whats Up With The #eSAX Fedora?

How To Networking A Room

3 Networking Mistakes To Avoid

First Time Networking Tips

Welcome to the #eSAX Podcast Series featuring Jarrod Goldsmith