Not achieving results from attending other events?

Are your products/services more eXclusive?

Be part of an eXclusive opportunity to leverage Ottawa’s leading networking experience for executives and community leaders

What is eXclusive eXperience?

These are monthly events targeted to seasoned leaders interested in making genuine connections with other top decision makers. eXclusive eXperience events has a much different demographic of attendees from those who normally attend the larger eSAX tradeshow events.

Catering to more established companies / organizations, events are held the second Wednesday of every month across the city at upscale venues.

  • An opportunity to connect with other exclusive attendees
  • One-on-one time to develop relationships with the true ‘movers-and-shakers’ of Ottawa’s business community
  • Information about each attendee will be provided to all participants to allow for a more personalized networking experience
  • Personalized introductions (when possible) will be made by eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith to help connect you to people you really want to meet
  • Giving-back to encouraging youth entrepreneurship with a portion of proceeds to support Junior Achievement of the Ottawa Network for Education

To help connect you to your ideal clients, a short questionnaire will be available to facilitate a networking concierge for attendees. Having background and contact information on each attendee will enable you to be much more strategic and focused in your networking endeavors when you meet in person. Plus, eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith would be pleased to leveraging his extensive connections that he has personally developed over the years to introduce you to others who may be beneficial to help grow your business.

To grow and stay in business, it is essential that you attend the right networking events for you. Leveraging influential face-to-face connections lie at the heart of eXclusive eXperience. When you associate with other prominent business and community leaders in an informal smaller chic environment, great things happen.

If your products or services are more exclusive, or you are not achieving expected results from other events, join us for Ottawa’s must-attend exclusive networking experience.

eXclusive eXperience events will also donate a portion of proceeds to support Junior Achievement of the Ottawa Network for Education. JA programs teach entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness skills to student in grades 5 – 12 with real-world tasks like goal-setting, building a personal budget, exploring interests and career pathways, and working with a team to start a small business. Few opportunities exist for young students to develop such key skills and gain real-world experience in the areas of entrepreneurship, so eSAX is pleased to help empower these aspiring business leaders to become job creators.

eXclusive eXperience Event Dates

Events are held the second Wednesday of each month (7-10 pm) at a different up-scale venue across the city. Location will be made available to those who register. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks provided. Space limited to 15 people. Please contact us for more information.

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