eSAX Virtual Events (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience)

is an entrepreneur networking community for small business hosting virtual events for others


To host inclusive entrepreneur networking events to promote entrepreneurship & grow small business


A community of small business owners helping other small business owners


To provide the entrepreneur community with knowledge and resources to build relationships through networking

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Here is a short promo video, as well as an eSAX Blog to give you an idea on what to expect. Plus, our epic #MannequinChallenge video is a cool watch!

eSAX also produces a regular YouTube video series titled Ask the Fedora on a variety of networking/business tips that people may find useful to make their networking endeavors not only less stressful, but successful!

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eSAX Founder

Jarrod Goldsmith

“As a small business entrepreneur, you must appreciate that the main purpose of networking is to build meaningful relationships.” – Jarrod Goldsmith

With that in mind, Jarrod created eSAX, an entrepreneur networking community and tradeshow for small business that brings-together the community.

Hosting the eSAX YouTube channel of >700 videos, Jarrod is a firm believer of giving-back to the community and helping others learn about entrepreneurship and networking skills.

Jarrod also is the host of a regular Podcast Series on entrepreneurship, with a special focus on networking tips and best practices for small business.

Jarrod is also the founder of Sax Appeal, Canada’s Premier Saxophone Ensemble.

In September 2011, Jarrod was accepted into the Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program (OSEB) and finally got his chance to make his entrepreneurial aspirations come true. Sax Appeal has been a great success for Jarrod, but it took a lot of hard work to literally create a market as an all-saxophone ensemble is not very common. In order to get gigs, he started attending networking events and hasn’t looked back. From becoming actively involved in all regional Chambers of Commerce, he quickly realized that most entrepreneurs did not realize what a great resource they are. Thus eSAX was created to bridge the gap between Chambers of Commerce and new business owners to help entrepreneurs learn what networking is really about!

eSAX Overview

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