eSAX Podcast featuring Jesse Perreault of Car Loans Canada

On this episode Jarrod is joined by Jesse Perreault, previously VP of Marketing at Car Loans Canada (CoverageCorp Dealer Solutions) who brings his digital marketing background into the automotive industry to help create a new marketing style and build better relationships.

ABOUT Jesse Perreault: For most of my life he never really fit into the world around him. He grew up in a small town as a gamer, computer geek & as an introvert.

From a young age Jesse became fascinated with business and people…but was just too timid to do anything about his curiosities. So he decided to find a mentor and his famous words “You will never be comfortable until you become uncomfortable” stuck with him. He realized that he had to associate being uncomfortable with progress and growth moving forward.

That paradigm shift was the catalyst for him to start his first business when he was 15 with a rusty lawnmower and some good ol’ door knocking. With a passion for technology, he soon got involved in numerous online ventures & explored many industries on a mission to discover his core passion. Helping others succeed in their business by leveraging technology is his purpose.

Over the last 10 years, Jesse has started many different businesses online. He has studied his failures closely and has learned so much over this period of time.

After getting various designations (LLQP, OTL) and exploring everything from insurance to network marketing, he always found myself back where he started – Analyzing and growing businesses using technology.

Digital Marketing is getting more advanced than ever with data analysis & machine learning algorithms & he loves it! It is this exponential innovation that keeps him going, combining data/analytics with core marketing strategies is extremely powerful. It is satisfying when working with such diverse clientele and being able to deliver a consistent ROI for Medium & Enterprise companies around the world.

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