Networking Mistakes To Avoid

There is a lot to think about when networking, but it’s very important to make sure you don’t make any of these networking mistakes!


Some key habits to avoid at networking events are to 1) show up late. There’s nothing worse than going into a room where everyone is already sitting down because you’re missing some of the best parts of networking. 2) Not having business cards. It really is important to have somebody walk away with a physical representation of your business. Plus, it also makes it much easier for them to follow-up with you after the event is over. 3) Trying to ‘sell’ a person right away. For example, if you go up to someone you meet for the first time and give them your card then say “you need me because I’m so great at what I do” and then start listing off things for ten minutes on why you’re the best, or giving specific details about your products or services, technical specifications etc. These are all not good networking skills. Try to avoid talking too much and making everything you say a sales pitch. Happy networking everybody. See you at the next event. Because #eSAX makes networking work!

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