Network with a Brand, Name, and Logo You Love

eSAX-networking-ottawa-business-brandingLast week we talked about your business cards, but let’s take a step back and talk this week about branding, naming, and your logo.

Strong Branding Creates Strong Connections

When most people hear the word branding, they think colors and graphics, but branding actually goes deeper than that. It includes logos, naming, taglines, and even your elevator pitch along with the other graphics, and it is about what your company stands for, in an all-encompassing way. It starts when you sit down to write your business plan, and it grows out of your mission and vision. You also have to take into consideration your products or services, as well as your target market. You have to feel confident that your feel your branding represents your business, and you also need to be sure that your audience is interpreting your message the way you intend it. Once you’ve worked this out, you can then work on the visuals that you will use consistently in your traditional and digital marketing.

A Memorable Business Name is Important

There is a lot to consider when you are naming your company. Aside from the obvious, that you want something that matches what you do and is easy on the ears, you also have to research if the name is already used anywhere, if the domain (and social media IDs) are available, and also if the shortened version or acronym are used (you don’t want anyone to confuse you with anyone else). It is best to bounce names off of people, because what makes sense to you may not have the same effect in the marketplace.

Stunning Logos Make You Noteworthy

You are the face of your business, but your logo is the graphic representation of what your business stands for. You may choose something that is easy for people to instantly understand, or you may choose something abstract that has a story behind it (make sure to share that story in the About section on your website). If you aren’t a visual person you can turn to a professional who has tons of experience in creating impactful logos. Remember that you (and your customers) are going to have to look at this image a LOT over the years, so you better like it! You should also feel convinced that it is the perfect embodiment of your business. Everything from the bold or elegant design, to the choice of color and typography should be well thought-out and considered before you make a permanent decision.

It is entirely possible to attend networking events without having set your branding, naming, and logo, and in fact, it is encouraged to attend events like eSAX: The Entrepreneurial Advantage Experience because this is exactly the type of low-pressure atmosphere that will let you have conversations about how they settled on their branding, or what they think of a few naming ideas you are considering. It is also a great place to find marketing experts who are more than willing to give you advice that will help you move forward with your branding, naming, and logo process.

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    The total happens because a reason. Nothing happens with chance or by way of means of luck. Malady, mayhem, proclivity, buried moments of candidly greatness, and unmitigated thimble-wittedness all look to assess the limits of your soul. Without these foolish shoals tests, whatever they may be, spirit would be like a smoothly paved, uncontrived, flat order to nowhere. It would be dependable and easy, but benumb and with no holds barred pointless.
    The people you timely who lay hold of your sentience, and the life of riley and downfalls you occurrence resist to pattern who you become. Metrical the defamatory experiences can be highbrow from. In points, they are undeniably the most distressing and important ones. If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your beau id‚al, look out on them, with a view they hurt helped you learn about dependability and the modify of being observant when you yawning your heart. If someone loves you, neck them subvene unconditionally, not really because they have a crush on you, but because in a technique, they are teaching you to infatuation and how to unchecked your fundamentals and eyes to things.

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