Is It Rude To Interrupt People At Networking Events?

One of the challenges in networking is finding someone to talk to who isn’t already in a conversation! How do you break into a group and join in without seeming rude?


Do you find it rude to be interrupted at a networking event? I would say no, because networking events are a little bit different than real life. Often, you will be in a group of three or four people talking and chatting-it-up, when someone else comes along who you know wants to get into the conversation. This person is probably not going to jump right in unannounced and say “hi, I’m so and so”. Usually the way it works is that someone will make eye contact with this new person, and then at that point the conversation amongst the three or four people may actually stop. Don’t worry. This is completely normal! Then the person comes in and if they overheard, they may just start joining the conversation. Or, someone might ask how they found out about the event, do they know some of these other people etc? Very soon, they will just become a new person in the group, or the group might even split-off into two separate groups. Don’t worry about interrupting people at a networking event, because we’re all there to meet new people. Happy networking everybody. See you at the next event. Because #eSAX makes networking work

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