Entrepreneur and business networking skills can be learned by Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX

Networking skills can be learned. Don’t worry! eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith offers some quick tools and tips for entrepreneurs who attend business networking events to become more effective when meeting people! Subscribe to the eSAX YouTube channel for more entrepreneur networking tips and connect with us on social media! Twitter (#eSAX) / Facebook / Instagram […]

eSAX podcast featuring banking professional Stacey Pryde with Jarrod Goldsmith

Stacey Pryde joins Jarrod to talk about entrepreneurship, small business, making networking part of your marketing efforts, playing to your strengths and knowing when to ask for help. Previously a branch manager of a Meridian Credit Union in Ottawa, Ontario, she is now a brand manager of a Scotiabank location. ABOUT Stacey Pryde: Stacey is a career […]

eSAX podcast featuring Pierrette Raymond of 1-800-GOT-JUNK and Women Living Fully with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod and Pierrette speak about the importance of having a coach, and a successful mindset when attending networking events. Pierrette Raymond is the CEO and Founder of Women Living Fully and the #1M10MProject. Pierrette is also one of the founding franchise partners of 1-800-GOT-JUNK. ABOUT Pierrette Raymond: Pierrette is a multi-business owner, coach and mentor […]

How to follow-up after meeting someone at an entrepreneur business networking event by Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX

Following-up with people you meet at a networking event can make all the difference if you get a gig or not in the future. Here are some thoughts by eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith on how to follow up with the contacts you make with fellow entrepreneurs at networking events. ABOUT Jarrod Goldsmith: Jarrod Goldsmith is a […]

Jarrod Goldsmith chatting on how he started eSAX and Sax Appeal

Jarrod Goldsmith started networking in 2011 to get gigs for his band, Sax Appeal. This podcast briefly addresses his history about moving to Ottawa, why he had to network, and how eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience) was born! Like most people, (believe it or not), Jarrod was shy, introverted and didn’t like networking events […]

Welcome to the eSAX podcast series featuring Jarrod Goldsmith

Join us on the eSAX Podcast with Jarrod Goldsmith to learn from respected entrepreneurs, community leaders, small business owners and others. They will share personal stories of success, failure and the lessons they have learned in entrepreneurship, networking and business. These entrepreneurs will impart wisdom, inspire and motivate you to take your business to the […]

eSAX podcast featuring Blair Kilrae of Collab Space with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod is joined by Blair Kilrea, Co-Founder of Collab Space in Ottawa, Ontario. Jarrod and Blair discuss how Blair fell into entrepreneurship and has never turned back. Blair has advice for business in the start-up phase and discusses the value in collaborating and networking with other entrepreneurs. ABOUT Blair Kilrae: With a background in Technology […]

eSAX Podcast featuring Stephen Whiteley

Jarrod is joined by Stephen Whiteley from Your Full Potential Coach. In 2002 Stephen was a Fighter Pilot in the Canadian Air Force. When he retired, he knew he wanted to run his own business centered around helping others.  Jarrod and Stephen discuss how mind-frame is everything, how to market yourself and sell effectively, and […]

How to network if you’re shy or introverted by Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX

Networking for introverts. If it feels like a chore or if you are uncomfortable to get out of the house and attend networking events, try bringing another entrepreneur with you and check out the other great tips on this podcast episode by eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith! ABOUT  Jarrod Goldsmith: Jarrod Goldsmith is a Canadian small business […]