Finding Inspiration On The Surface (Pro) By Nicole Darechuk of Terradare, eSAX Microsoft Blog

Finding Inspiration on the Surface (Pro)

By Nicole Darechuk, Terradare Inc.

Contrary to typically finding inspiration from within, I found inspiration on the surface. The Microsoft Surface that is. I have always dreamed of running my business from a beach and now it feels more like I can make it a reality with a Surface Pro.

When Jarrod Goldsmith, Founder of eSAX, arrived on site and handed me the new Microsoft Surface Pro, I stood there with box in hand thinking this will be an experience like any other with a tablet that totes itself to be a convertible wonder of productivity. My prediction about the experience was wrong. I better not quit my day job…for now!

After Jarrod departed, I carefully unpacked the tablet and keyboard from its fitted plastic wrap. Instinctively, I attached the two pieces together and was off to the races with a single click of the power button.

It booted in mere seconds and I became mesmerized with the glowing screen. One swipe and I’m in. This immediate inspiration resulted in instantly hating my very recently acquired convertible notebook and regretted not taking a chance of spending an extra bit of cash to have one of these for myself.

My first experience logging in was easy and being a Microsoft fan since the age of 12, I felt like I was “at home” while “at work”. Being a cloud-space tech-focused consultant and running my own business entirely on cloud tech, this machine was going to make my interactions with clients incredible. I could see the possibilities of being able to make such a great impression on my existing and prospective clients. I would no longer have to worry about having enough power to load my “tools”. I felt rejuvenated.

I was subsequently sad to have to return the Surface Pro to Jarrod who would then be passing it on to the next to-be-inspired entrepreneur, but I’m pumped about my future shopping trip to get one of my very own to keep!

Now that my dream has turned into near-future reality, I’ll be planning to relocate Terradare to the beach!

I would like to thank Waleed Hafeez, Commercial Digital Community Manager, and Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX – The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience for providing me with access to the new Surface Pro in order to review it and the opportunity to let the entrepreneurial community know how Microsoft ensures an effective and reliable way to do business in Ottawa.

Terradare Inc. creates cloud-based solutions and strategies. Our Ottawa firm specializes in creating business intelligence platforms, improving processes with automation and implementing technology like CRMs, helpdesk and accounting apps. Expertise includes marketing and sales automation.

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Finding Inspiration On The Surface (Pro) By Nicole Darechuk of Terradare, eSAX Microsoft Blog