eSAX podcast featuring leadership expert and lawyer Norman Bowley with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod and Norman Bowley discuss the importance of purposeful communication for entrepreneurs while networking. Norman Bowley is a communications leadership expert who recently retired from a thirty-seven year career in Law. Norman is passionate about helping professionals to communicate well.

ABOUT Norman Bowley:

Lawyer, teacher, communicator.

At 17, full of idealism and fresh out of Teachers’ College, Norm faced his first class: 35 C-Stream Grade 7 army brats, many of them less than a year younger than he, and all of them having been told repeatedly that they were failures. It was a tough year, but all survived. The kids learned a little, Norm learned a lot.

Ten years later, having learned quite a bit about education and communication, Norm went to law school.

Called to the Bar in 1981, having graduated cum laude from the University of Ottawa where he took several prizes and published in the Law Review. A Masters (e-business law) was subsequently earned.

He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Society of Trusts and Estates Professionals, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Ottawa Hospital Foundation President’s Circle, has argued in tribunals from the Provincial Court to the Supreme Court of Canada and lectured in various professional venues. He brings wisdom, patience and common-sense to seemingly intractable problems, and is particularly finicky about careful legal drafting.

Approaching his third career, he is taking his communication skills “on the road” as a speaker and trainer.

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