eSAX podcast featuring Blair Kilrae of Collab Space with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod is joined by Blair Kilrea, Co-Founder of Collab Space in Ottawa, Ontario. Jarrod and Blair discuss how Blair fell into entrepreneurship and has never turned back. Blair has advice for business in the start-up phase and discusses the value in collaborating and networking with other entrepreneurs.

ABOUT Blair Kilrae:

With a background in Technology Blair went on a journey to create unique spaces for business’ to connect and network. Blair’s passion is to help the entrepreneurial community to expand their individual reaches and has accomplished this through his development of Collaborative coworking spaces.

Using his charismatic and enthusiastic approach to business, Blair has touched the lives of many entrepreneurs in the Ottawa area. Having worked in a variety of industries for the past twenty years, Blair brings his passion for success to those around him. 

ABOUT Collab Space:

Story: Collab Space is the dream of Ottawa serial entrepreneurs Emile Salem and Blair Kilrea, who believe it takes a community to raise a successful business. Their vision – to create a space where entrepreneurs and small business owners can come together and support each other to overcome business challenges they may face on the road to success.

Philosophy: At Collab Space, we take a personal interest in the growth and success of every business. We don’t simply provide our members with a place to work; we offer a community of mentors and a wide range of tools and supports to help small businesses thrive.

Vision: To be the backbone of the small business community in Ottawa by being– a collaborative space where businesses can learn, grow and succeed together.

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eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience – is an entrepreneur networking community for small business located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. #eSAX Makes Networking Work!

eSAX was founded by entrepreneur and musician Jarrod Goldsmith. Jarrod is a Canadian small business community builder and is the embodiment of the small business spirit. He is one of Ottawa’s best known entrepreneurs and founded Sax Appeal (Canada’s Premier Saxophone Ensemble), Sax Appeal Productions (an agency for all live music in Ottawa and Gatineau providing live jazz music, classical music, Christmas and holiday music, cocktail music, or wedding music), eSAX (The Entrepreneur Social Advantage Experience); Ottawa’s largest entrepreneur networking community for small business, eXclusive eXperience and hosts both Ask the Fedora (a YouTube video series on entrepreneur networking for smallbiz) and the eSAX Podcast series.

This podcast was produced by Barking Monkey Studio.