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Building on Jarrod Goldsmith’s extensive networking experience (and leveraging the whole ‘Fedora’ branding that he’s known for), he hosts a YouTube video series discussing a wide-range of networking/business tips that people find useful to help make their networking endeavors not only less stressful, but successful!

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Ask the Fedora: Time Management At Networking Events

This week on Ask the Fedora: Time Management At Networking Events


If you only have an hour or two at a networking event, how would you make the best use of your time to connect with people? If there is someone you really want to connect with, it’s worth spending the extra ten minutes talking to them because you don’t need to get every single person’s business card in the room. When I first started networking, I wanted all the business cards. In retrospect, it was not necessarily the best way to do networking, but I was intentionally going out trying to get as many as I can and then following-up with people. Over the last few years, I’ve learned to really take the time to develop personal connections with people, even if this means not trying to get additional business cards. The way this is accomplished is by thinking to myself how I may be able to help them. Perhaps the person may even be in a position to help me in some way. Remember to always keep in mind that you should be developing and building long-term relationships with people. This really is the beauty of what entrepreneur networking should be all about.

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