Ask the Fedora: Tips For Starting A Business On A Limited Budget

This week on Ask the Fedora: Tips For Starting A Business On A Limited Budget.


Congratulations! You’re thinking of starting a business and want to be an entrepreneur? That’s great! There’s no better time to start! If you’re about to start a business and don’t have any money don’t panic. One good opportunity that many entrepreneurs start with is by speaking to their family who may be able to help out. Start looking at your actual costs. If you have to pay rent, mortgage or gas, see where you may be able to cut-back because starting a business for many is not cheap. While you might not necessarily need to incorporate right away or start spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising, you will need business cards, a website, a good graphic designer a videographer and other essential details. There are, however, lots of options out there. Perhaps you might be able to get a loan or grant to help you start. Most regions have such opportunities available but it’s a matter of finding out what they are and the application/competitive process involved. There must be programs around your region that you can tap-into. Ottawa, for example, has Invest Ottawa, L-Spark, the Ontario Self Employment Benefits Program and others. See what’s available in your town to help people promote and start a business. You may be surprised to find that there could be funding applicable to you! Get out there and start connecting with people and ask them if they know of any such programs that can help you start a business.

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