This virtual event platform is as close as you can get to a real face-to-face networking event, conference, classroom, workshop, awards celebration, presentation, holiday event or any other need to connect with people.

It is changing how people remotely connect from a meeting of 2 people, to events of 1000 or more. THIS is the ideal virtual solution for event planners in any industry that will make your next event an exceptional experience!

CONTACT US for a demo to experience a better way to host virtual events for organizations, conferences, businesses, schools, meetings, fundraisers and associations to connect.

Your virtual events made easy!

  • Easily connect with attendees through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc…even in DIFFERENT breakout rooms
  • Invite multiple speakers ‘on-stage’ to address all participants
  • Breakout into smaller private groups (up to 10 people)
  • Interact with others at different tables (much like a real event)
  • Easily showcase sponsors, stakeholders, featured guests etc
  • Share screens and a white board with others
  • Send messages to all participants, only those in your room, or privately
  • And much more!


Your events made easy with eSAX Virtual Events!