eSAX Podcast featuring Judith Cane of Money Coach Canada

Judith Cane joins Jarrod to discuss how after many years in financial services she took the parts of the job that she really loved and created her own coaching business service. Judith helps people to create new habits so they can reach their financial goals.  ABOUT Judith Cane: Imagine… a future that leaves time for […]

eSAX podcast featuring leadership expert and lawyer Norman Bowley with Jarrod Goldsmith

Jarrod and Norman Bowley discuss the importance of purposeful communication for entrepreneurs while networking. Norman Bowley is a communications leadership expert who recently retired from a thirty-seven year career in Law. Norman is passionate about helping professionals to communicate well. ABOUT Norman Bowley: Lawyer, teacher, communicator. At 17, full of idealism and fresh out of […]

eSAX Podcast featuring serial entrepreneur Chris Castillo

Jarrod is joined in the studio with Chris Castillo from Master Entrepreneur International. Listen as they talk about what Chris enjoys about entrepreneurship and more! ABOUT: Chris Castillo is an entrepreneur, investor, author and educator. Chris is highly regarded as a Master Entrepreneur with experience in starting and growing over 10 successful businesses in different industries. Some […]

eSAX podcast featuring Nicole Darechuk of Terradare Solutions with Jarrod Goldsmith

Nicole Darechuk sits down with Jarrod and talks about leaving a corporate environment and how she got right into entrepreneurship. ABOUT Nicole Darechuk: Nicole primarily focuses on driving growth of Terradare from leading the execution of the business growth plan aligned to the company mission, vision and values. She also works with companies to help […]

eSAX Podcast featuring Jesse Perreault of Car Loans Canada

On this episode Jarrod is joined by Jesse Perreault, previously VP of Marketing at Car Loans Canada (CoverageCorp Dealer Solutions) who brings his digital marketing background into the automotive industry to help create a new marketing style and build better relationships. ABOUT Jesse Perreault: For most of my life he never really fit into the […]

eSAX podcast featuring Karine Bossé of Echo Audiology

Karine Bossé from Echo Audiology talks to Jarrod about how starting her business and clinic felt very natural. She threw herself in and never looked backed. Jarrod and Karin discuss about reaching-out to the community and the importance of being a specialist.  ABOUT Karine Bossé: Born and raised in Orléans Ontario, Karine gained experience working […]

Event April 17, 2019

Hope everyone made some great connections @ the April 17, 2019 eSAX event! Feel free to tag yourself or anyone else you recognize!! This is how eSAX makes networking work!!

July 2019 Event Photos


Originally published by FS Local Have you ever found yourself at a swanky event thinking, ‘This string quartet is nice, but I could really use some more saxophone’? That’s music to the ears of Ottawa’s Jarrod Goldsmith, possibly the hardest working saxman in Canada. As a lifelong player, Jarrod finally took the leap and turned […]