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Making a Personal Connection Should Be Your Main Goal When Networking!

Have you ever sat down with someone and in the first few moments they’re all business. They go straight to sales.

I prefer to sit and talk about life, getting to know them, their kids, their hobbies and passions. In the last 10 minutes is when business really gets done.

It’s much easier to do business with people you know, like and trust. Leave the sales pitch behind, they will come down the road. At first it’s important to develop a person connection!

Is it Okay to Be Nervous at Networking Events?

Today our #AskTheFedora video looks at the fact that it is okay to be nervous at networking events!

Starring: Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX and Sax Appeal.

With help from Wasim from Storyline Productions and Jessica from Hewett Ripley Communications!


My favorite thing about networking is meeting someone for the first time. I can tell so many people are nervous about networking and are scared because the social conventions of the day-to-day don’t really apply at networking events. So one of my favorite parts at networking events are meeting somebody for the first time who has never been to a networking event before. I can tell they’re nervous and fidgety and want to give me their business card. So what I try to do is calm them down as I’m in a position to lead the conversation to have them talk about themselves and hopefully learn something about it. For me, it’s such an important skill to how to engage somebody at a networking event.

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